This is a new spin-off. It shows the next generation of the SpongeBob charactors. Anyone can join! The concept is the exact opposite of SpongeBob Babies and SpongeKid SlightPants.

Rules and other important things

  • No crossovers.
  • SpongeBob and Sandy are married.
  • Gary serves SpongeBob and Sandy.
  • Patrick's old rock got destroyed, so he moved to a robotic one.
  • Mr. Krabs is never seen.
  • Watch your grammar.
  • Be creative!
  • Age caught up with Plankton, so he's a little nicer.
  • All episodes are somotanious which means they include an A plot and a B plot (i.e. Squidward buys a canoe. Meanwhile, SpongeBob worries about his size.)
  • Unfortunately, all the Krabby Patties exploded with the secret formula.
  • Squilliam becomes a mechanic instead of a singer.

Season 1

The show was picked by Nickelodeon for the first part, then moved to Fox Kids and is currently on the Sci-Fi channel (after Star Trek).


Emmy- outstanding children's series Result: Nominated
Emmy-Outstanding Children's Series



Golden Globe- Best Animation Result: Won


Pilot (The Next SpongeBob SquarePants)

First up: Patrick accidentally sends Squidward into a warped time. Meanwhile, Sandy tries to invent something for Karen.

Squilliam Among Us

Squilliam leaves his job as mechanic, so he decides to make life miserable for Squidward! Meanwhile, Plankton tries to find a secret formula after the Krabby Patties' were destroyed.

Ice Stream

Patrick finds a stream of ice cream, but the river flows too much. Meanwhile, Mrs. Puff tries to invent something with Sandy. (Note: Part 1 spoofs Sailor Mouth and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.)


SpongeBob accidentally messes something up with his family and marriage to Sandy, so they try to go back. Meanwhile, Squilliam uses the time machine to stop him from being a mechanic. (Note: The tittle is a parody of Futurama. The Prehistory Adventures is spoofed for a brief moment.)

Robot Sandy

Sandy leaves on vacation without SpongeBob knowing. The Next day, he sees a robotic squirrel and jumps to conclusions Sandy was replaced. Meanwhile, Squidward tries to make a Robot Squidward.

The New Heroes

SpongeBob watches Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy and finds out the're their grandkids! Meanwhile, SpongeBob confronts the TV station.


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Stephen Burg- Creator, Executive Producer, Head Writer, Executive in Charge of Production


  • There will be a TV movie at the end of each season and a theatatrical film has been planned at the end of Season 3.

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