The Patrick Star Show: The Next 100 Episodes!
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5 Stars

Disc 1:

101-108.Patrick Takes Over Yahoo! - (Three Hour 30 Minute Special) - Patrick Takes Over Yahoo!

109-110.Patrick Takes Over National No Patrick Day - (One Hour Special) - Patrick Changes NNPD To where they kick Him out.Lasts for 1 Day.

111-112.Patrick Takes Over Halloween - (One Hour Special) - Patrick Takes Over Halloween!

113-114.Patrick Takes Over Youtube - (One Hour Special) - Patrick replaces all of the videos on Youtube with him having fun with his firends.

115-116.Patrick Takes Over Japan - (One Hour Special) - Patrick Takes Over Japan!

Disc 2:

117-118.Patrick Takes Over His Universe-(One Hour Special)Patrick has his own universe in his brain,but Evil Patrick destroys SpongeBob and his friends,so the legendary people will save him.

119.Patrick Takes Over X-Men-Patrick kills the X-Men.

120.Patrick Takes Over his Episodes-Patrick Makes A Season 3 DVD!

121.Patrick Takes Over Nicktoons Reunited!-In this crossover episode with Nicktoons Reunited!,Vlad must destroy the Bikini Bottom,now will Patrick be able to stop him with our Nicktoon heroes?

122.Patrick Takes Over YouTube again - Patrick places videos about him on YouTube and removes all other videos!

123.Patrick Takes Over CSI - Patrick Takes over CSI!

124-125.Patrick Takes Over Bugs Bunny - Patrick hates Mel Blanc,so he kidnaps him,so he has to voice Bugs Bunny!

Disc 3:

126.Patrick Takes Over Scooby-Doo - Patrick hates Dogs,so he kidnaps Scooby-Doo,and he becomes "Patrick Patrick Star".

127.Patrick Takes Over Evil - Patrick Stops Evil,but makes a mistake.Remember SpongeBob's rule in Battle of Bikini Bottom.

128.Patrick Takes Over Good - Patrick Gets Good and Evil equal again so Bikini Bottom won't explode.

129-130.Patrick Takes Over Your Teacher - Patrick Takes Over Your teacher,and Party starts when he has to teach you,and he's so much fun!

131.Patrick Takes Over Sandy Beach - Sandy has a beach in her name,and Patrick takes it because "I'm A True Taker of Good Ruleings".

132.Patrick Takes Over The Krusty Krab again - Patrick Shows how good his show is by doing what he did in Season 1.

133.Patrick Takes Over PatBack - Patrick Takes Over his Back!

134-135.Patrick Takes Over Japan again - Patrick Takes over Japan again because he likes doing that.

136.Patrick Takes Over Again -Patrick is gonna to all those episodes again again and again

137.Patrick Takes Over Food again -Patrick gonna make the bestes food

138.Patrick takes Over king Neptune again -Patrick dress him self as king neptune

139.Patrick Takes Over Bug bunny again -Patrick don't like the daffy duck so he tries to kill him

Disc 4:

140.Patrick Takes Over DisneyLand again - Patrick changed the name of disneyland to starfishland

141.Patrick Takes Over a Wedding again- - Patrick tries to ruin Squidward's and his girldfriend's wedding

142.Patrick takes over the world! (Season Finale) -Patrick become ruler of Earth, but it all goes horribly wrong...

143.Patrick Takes Over Poodles (Season Opener) - Patrick hates poodles, so he gets rid of them.

144.Patrick Takes Over SpongeBob - Patrick makes SpongeBob eat him and he controls him from the inside.

145.Patrick Takes Over FЯED - Patrick gets annoyed by Fred so he takes over his web show and makes it about him with a sped-up voice.

146-147.Patrick Takes Over Sliders (One Hour Special) - Patrick gets a mulitverse travel machine thing, and hops from parallel universe to parallel universe.

Disc 5:

148.Patrick Takes Over TDA - Patrick becomes a cast mate on "Total Drama Action".

149.Patrick Takes Over iPods - Patrick gets an iPod.

150.Patrick Takes Over Football - Patrick joins football.

151-152.Patrick Takes Over Old Man Jenkins (One Hour Special) - Patrick and Old Man Jenkins get stuck inside the freezer of The Krusty Krab, and the secrets come out.

153.Patrick Takes Over Writing Sticks - Patrick makes a book.

154.Patrick Takes Over Waffles - Patrick eats at a breakfast place.

155.Patrick Takes Over HGBLERNK;IOJGEMO - Patrick forgets how to talk.

156.Patrick Takes Over The Funnel - Patrick forgets how to eat again, so SpongeBob gets out the funnel.

157.Patrick Takes Over Ratatouille - Patrick does not partake in the liking of the movie: Ratatouille.

Disc 6:

158.Patrick Takes Over An Actual Job - Patrick gets an offical job at The Krusty Krab.

159-160.Patrick Takes Over Atlantis SquarePantis (Two Hour Special) - Patrick did not like the SpongeBob movie: "Atlantis SquarePantis", so he remakes it staring himself.

161.Patrick Takes Over Pizza Palace - Patrick calls pizza palace, only to hear SpongeBob answer.

162.Patrick Takes Over Bells - Patrick thinks the sound of bells is annoying, so he bans them.

163.Patrick Takes Over Spaghetti - Patrick don't like no spaghetti.

164.Patrick Takes Over House Fancy - Patrick gets interviewed on "House Fancy", leading Squidward to get quite jealous.

165.Patrick Takes Over the Process Of Making Pancakes - Patrick finds a new way to make Pancakes.

166.Patrick Takes Over Smokey Bears - Patrick starts preventing wild fires.

167.Patrick Takes Over Tiny Shoes -  Patrick goes shoe shopping.

168.Patrick Takes Over Spain - Patrick goes to spain.

169.Patrick Takes Over Dirty Laundry - Patrick goes to a laundromat and washes his clothes.

170.Patrick Takes Over Squidward's New Glasses - Squidward gets new glasses, so Patrick takes them. Hes so stylin.

Disc 7:

171.Patrick Takes Over Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog - Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog comes to Bikini Bottom and makes Patrick mad.

172-173.Patrick Takes Over A Christmas Carol (One Hour Special) - Patrick is visited by three ghosts on Christmas night for some reason.

174-175.Patrick Takes Over A T.V Show (Season Opener/One Hour Special) - Patrick creates a T.V show.

176.Patrick Takes Over His Family - Patrick's family comes to visit.

177.Patrick Takes Over Pirates - Patrick becomes a pirate.

178.Patrick Takes Over The Heating System - Patrick installs a heating system in his rock.

179.Patrick Takes Over Planes - Patrick becomes a pilot.

Disc 8:

180.Patrick Takes Over Squidward -  Patrick eats Squidward.

181.Patrick Takes Over Robots - Patrick makes a robot.

182-183.Patrick Takes Over The State Of Wyoming (One Hour Special) - Patrick goes to Wyoming.

184.Patrick Takes Over Sporks - Patrick no likey da sporks.

185.Patrick Takes Over Stanley S. SquarePants - Patrick visits Stanley for some reason.

Disc 9:

186.Patrick Takes Over Patrick - The title is pretty self-explanitory.

187.Patrick Takes Over Bananas - Patricks bananas for coco Puffs.

188.Patrick Takes Over A Deli Store - Patrick opens a deli.

189-190.Patrick Takes Over Pre-Historic (One Hour Special) - We see Patrick in pre-historic times.

191.Patrick Takes Over Riddles - Patrick becomes a master at riddles.

192-193.Patrick Takes Over The Surface (One Hour Special) - Patrick goes on the surface.

194.Patrick Takes Over The Hulk - PATRICK SMASH.

195.Patrick Takes Over Gary - Patrick accidentally eats Gary.

Disc 10:

196.Patrick Takes Over A Mattress Store - Patrick takes a trip to the T.V store.

197.Patrick Takes Over His Eyesight - Patrick goes blind.

198.Patrick Takes Over His Theme Song - Patrick makes a new version of his theme song for the 200th episode spectacular.

199-200.Patrick Takes Over His 200th Episode! (Two Hour Special) - Patrick throws a big party to celebrate 200 episodes, but then he gets locked out of his house.