The Patrick Star Show Season 1
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4/5 Stars

This box set contains the complete first season of "The Patrick Star Show".

Season 1

1. Patrick Takes Over The Krusty Krab(Pilot) - Patrick is bored,so he takes over The Krusty Krab. 2. Patrick Takes Over Your School - Patrick decides to become the principal of Bikini Bottom Elemnetary. 3. Patrick Takes Over Rodeos - Patrick replaces bulls in rodeos and replaces them with Starfishes. 4. Patrick Takes Over Hollywood - Patrick becomes the new founder of Hollywood and replaces the upcoming movies star-themed. Disc 2:5. Patrick Takes Over Music - Patrick makes his own songs. 6. Patrick Takes Over Beaches - Patrick wants to become the lifeguard of Goo Lagoon. 7. Patrick Takes Over London - Patrick steals Big Ben,now he has to give Big Ben back or else the Britains will destroy Bikini Bottom. 8. Patrick Takes Over Fashion - Patrick starts his own Fashion Company. 9. Patrick Takes Over Military - Patrick becomes General of the Military. 10. Patrick Takes Over Food - Patrick replaces all of the food in the world with disgusting,yet vomiting foods yet! 11. Patrick Takes Over Baseball - Patrick destroys Baseball and replaces it with Jellyfishing. Disc 3:12. Patrick Takes Over Nickelodeon - Patrick becomes boss of Nickelodeon and changes the Nicktoons with stupid junk. 13. Patrick Takes Over Fitness(Season Finale) - Patrick replaces Fitness with getting fat.