The Patrick Star Show Season 5
# of Discs
# of Episodes
4/5 Stars


Disc 1:

115-116.Patrick Takes Over Japan - (One Hour Special) - Patrick Takes Over Japan! 117-118.Patrick Takes Over His Universe-(One Hour Special)Patrick has his own universe in his brain,but Evil Patrick destroys SpongeBob and his friends,so the legendary people will save him. 119.Patrick Takes Over X-Men-Patrick kills the X-Men. 120.Patrick Takes Over his Episodes-Patrick Makes A Season 3 DVD! 121.Patrick Takes Over Nicktoons Reunited!-In this crossover episode with Nicktoons Reunited!,Vlad must destroy the Bikini Bottom,now will Patrick be able to stop him with our Nicktoon heroes? 122.Patrick Takes Over YouTube again - Patrick places videos about him on YouTube and removes all other videos! Disc 2:123.Patrick Takes Over CSI - Patrick Takes over CSI! 124-125.Patrick Takes Over Bugs Bunny - Patrick hates Mel Blanc,so he kidnaps him,so he has to voice Bugs Bunny! 126.Patrick Takes Over Scooby-Doo - Patrick hates Dogs,so he kidnaps Scooby-Doo,and he becomes "Patrick Patrick Star". 127.Patrick Takes Over Evil - Patrick Stops Evil,but makes a mistake.Remember SpongeBob's rule in Battle of Bikini Bottom. 128.Patrick Takes Over Good - Patrick Gets Good and Evil equal again so Bikini Bottom won't explode. 129-130.Patrick Takes Over Your Teacher - Patrick Takes Over Your teacher,and Party starts when he has to teach you,and he's so much fun! Disc 3:131.Patrick Takes Over Sandy Beach - Sandy has a beach in her name,and Patrick takes it because "I'm A True Taker of Good Ruleings". 132.Patrick Takes Over The Krusty Krab again - Patrick Shows how good his show is by doing what he did in Season 1.133.Patrick Takes Over PatBack - Patrick Takes Over his Back! 134-135.Patrick Takes Over Japan again - Patrick Takes over Japan again because he likes doing that. 136.Patrick Takes Over Again -Patrick is gonna to all those episodes again again and again 137.Patrick Takes Over Food again -Patrick gonna make the bestes food 138.Patrick takes Over king Neptune again -Patrick dress him self as king neptune Disc 4:139.Patrick Takes Over Bug bunny again -Patrick don't like the daffy duck so he tries to kill him 140.Patrick Takes Over DisneyLand again - Patrick changed the name of disneyland to starfishland 141.Patrick Takes Over a Wedding again- - Patrick tries to ruin Squidward's and his girldfriend's wedding 142.Patrick takes over the world! (Season Finale) -Patrick become ruler of Earth, but it all goes horribly wrong...