The Patrick Star Show Season 6
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5/5 Stars

This DVD set contains the complete 6th season of "The Patrick Star Show".

Season 6

Disc 1:143.Patrick Takes Over Poodles (Season Opener) - Patrick hates poodles, so he gets rid of them. 144.Patrick Takes Over SpongeBob - Patrick makes SpongeBob eat him and he controls him from the inside. 145.Patrick Takes Over FЯED - Patrick gets annoyed by Fred so he takes over his web show and makes it about him with a sped-up voice. 146-147.Patrick Takes Over Sliders (One Hour Special) - Patrick gets a mulitverse travel machine thing, and hops from parallel universe to parallel universe. 148.Patrick Takes Over TDA - Patrick becomes a cast mate on "Total Drama Action". 149.Patrick Takes Over iPods - Patrick gets an iPod. 150.Patrick Takes Over Football - Patrick joins football. Disc 2:151-152.Patrick Takes Over Old Man Jenkins (One Hour Special) - Patrick and Old Man Jenkins get stuck inside the freezer of The Krusty Krab, and the secrets come out. 153.Patrick Takes Over Writing Sticks - Patrick makes a book. 154.Patrick Takes Over Waffles - Patrick eats at a breakfast place. 155.Patrick Takes Over HGBLERNK;IOJGEMO - Patrick forgets how to talk. 156.Patrick Takes Over The Funnel - Patrick forgets how to eat again, so SpongeBob gets out the funnel. 157.Patrick Takes Over Ratatouille - Patrick does not partake in the liking of the movie: Ratatouille. 158.Patrick Takes Over An Actual Job - Patrick gets an offical job at The Krusty Krab. 159-160.Patrick Takes Over Atlantis SquarePantis (Two Hour Special) - Patrick did not like the SpongeBob movie: "Atlantis SquarePantis", so he remakes it staring himself. Disc 3:161.Patrick Takes Over Pizza Palace - Patrick calls pizza palace, only to hear SpongeBob answer. 162.Patrick Takes Over Bells - Patrick thinks the sound of bells is annoying, so he bans them. 163.Patrick Takes Over Spaghetti - Patrick don't like no spaghetti. 164.Patrick Takes Over House Fancy - Patrick gets interviewed on "House Fancy", leading Squidward to get quite jealous. 165.Patrick Takes Over the Process Of Making Pancakes - Patrick finds a new way to make Pancakes. 166.Patrick Takes Over Smokey Bears - Patrick starts preventing wild fires. 167.Patrick Takes Over Tiny Shoes -  Patrick goes shoe shopping. 168.Patrick Takes Over Spain - Patrick goes to spain. Disc 4:169.Patrick Takes Over Dirty Laundry - Patrick goes to a laundromat and washes his clothes. 170.Patrick Takes Over Squidward's New Glasses - Squidward gets new glasses, so Patrick takes them. Hes so stylin. 171.Patrick Takes Over Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog - Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog comes to Bikini Bottom and makes Patrick mad. 172-173.Patrick Takes Over A Christmas Carol (One Hour Special) - Patrick is visited by three ghosts on Christmas night for some reason.