The Patrick Star Show Season 7
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This DVD set contains the complete 7th season of "The Patrick Star Show".

Season 7

Disc 1:174-175.Patrick Takes Over A T.V Show (Season Opener/One Hour Special) - Patrick creates a T.V show. 176.Patrick Takes Over His Family - Patrick's family comes to visit. 177.Patrick Takes Over Pirates - Patrick becomes a pirate. 178.Patrick Takes Over The Heating System - Patrick installs a heating system in his rock. 179.Patrick Takes Over Planes - Patrick becomes a pilot. 180.Patrick Takes Over Squidward -  Patrick eats Squidward. 181.Patrick Takes Over Robots - Patrick makes a robot. Disc 2:182-183.Patrick Takes Over The State Of Wyoming (One Hour Special) - Patrick goes to Wyoming. 184.Patrick Takes Over Sporks - Patrick no likey da sporks. 185.Patrick Takes Over Stanley S. SquarePants - Patrick visits Stanley for some reason. 186.Patrick Takes Over Patrick - The title is pretty self-explanitory. 187.Patrick Takes Over Bananas - Patricks bananas for coco Puffs. 188.Patrick Takes Over A Deli Store - Patrick opens a deli. Disc 3:189-190.Patrick Takes Over Pre-Historic (One Hour Special) - We see Patrick in pre-historic times. 191.Patrick Takes Over Riddles - Patrick becomes a master at riddles. 192-193.Patrick Takes Over The Surface (One Hour Special) - Patrick goes on the surface. 194.Patrick Takes Over The Hulk - PATRICK SMASH. 195.Patrick Takes Over Gary - Patrick accidentally eats Gary. 196.Patrick Takes Over A Mattress Store - Patrick takes a trip to the T.V store. Disc 4:197.Patrick Takes Over His Eyesight - Patrick goes blind. 198.Patrick Takes Over His Theme Song - Patrick makes a new version of his theme song for the 200th episode spectacular. 199-200.Patrick Takes Over His 200th Episode! (Two Hour Special) - Patrick throws a big party to celebrate 200 episodes, but then he gets locked out of his house.