The Patrick Star Show Season 8
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This DVD set contains the complete 8th season of "The Patrick Star Show".

Season 8

Disc 1:201.Patrick Takes Over Coffee (Season Opener) -  Patrick struggles to make himself a cup of coffee. 202.Patrick Takes Over Rickpat - Patrick makes a visit to his cousin, Rickpat's house. 203.Patrick Takes Over The Shopping Center - Patrick Takes Over the Shopping Center. 204.Patrick Takes Over Squidward's House - Patrick Takes Over Squidward's House, but Squidward isn't too happy. 205.Patrick Takes Over Mr. Krabs' House - Patrick Takes Over Mr. Krabs' House. 206.Patrick Takes Over Goo Lagoon - Patrick Takes Over the Goo Lagoon. 207.Patrick Takes Over Avatar - Patrick Takes Over Avatar: The Last Airbender. 209.Patrick Takes Over The Krabby Pizza - Patrick Takes Over the Krabby Pizza Mr. Krabs sells at the Krusty Krab. 210-211.Patrick Takes Over Bikini Bottom and Squidville - Patrick Takes Over Bikini Bottom and everything in Squidville. 212. Patrick Takes Over Kelp Grow - Patrick gets a bottle of Kelp Grow. Disc 2:213. Patrick Takes Over National No Patrick Day Again - Sequel to Gone. Patrick takes over Bikini Bottom because no one's there, but it turns out it was No Patrick Day. 214. Patrick Takes Over Thomas the Tank Engine - Patrick captures Sir Topham Hatt and takes over Sodor. 215. Patrick Takes Over Mario Kart Wii - Patrick gets a copy of Mario Kart Wii. 216-217. Patrick Takes Over Captain Underpants - Patrick is teleported to the Captian Underpants world and meets George and Harold. 218. Patrick Takes Over Christmas Sales - Patrick goes Christmas shopping. 219. Patrick Takes Over Target Again - Patrick is forced to rebuild all the Targets he destroyed in Season 2. 220. Patrick Takes Over Patrick Revere - Patrick travels time to meet Patrick Revere. 221. Patrick Takes Over Grammar - Patrick passes a law that everyone has to have bad grammar, OR ELSE! 222. Patrick Takes Over New York City - Patrick takes over New York City and renames it to New Patrick City. 223. Patrick Takes Over Cartoon Network - Patrick becomes leader of CN and gets rid of all the action shows, CN Real, the movies, everything, execpt cartoons. (YEAH!) Disc 3:234. Patrick Takes Over Your Hopes That The Last Episode Was Good - Patrick gets rid of CN completly! 235. Patrick Takes Over The Queen Mary - Patrick destroys the Queen Mary. 236. Patrick Takes Over the Othersiders - Patrick bans the Othersiders. 237-238. Patrick Takes Over Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Patrick teleportes himself into Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and meets Greg.