SpongeBob, Patrick, Mrs. Puff, Sandy, Squidward and Mr. Krabs go on a road trip. Some episodes are rated TV- PG, TV-14 and TV-MA. Only a few episodes air with TV-MA.


Stephen Burg: Creator, Executive Producer, Storyboard Artist (Season 1-present)

Season 1

Pilot (The Road Trip)

In order to teach SpongeBob how to drive, Mrs. Puff takes the gang on a road trip.


SpongeBob tries to drive the boat, but it soon leads to construction.


The gang is mistaken for robbers.

Squidward Goes Hollywood

Squidward goes to Hollywood, but everybody hates his performance.

Texas Uderwater (season finale)

Sandy finds an underwater Texas.

Season 2

Truth or Square 5 (1 hour season opener)

The gang get locked in a freezer again, and even more secerets come out!


After following the gang for miles, Plankton finally show his face!

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