The Salon Song is written for the fifth episode of SpongeBob The Musical. It's main singers are Pearl and her friend Betty but there is also a line sang by an unknown hairdresser.


Betty: Morning Pearl,

How's you're dad?

Pearl: Oh you know Betty,

Pretty mad,

Betty: Oh Pearl,

What did you do this time?

Pearl: I may have took a little nickel or dime...

  • Burst out laughing*

Betty: So yeah,

The salon at last.

Pearl: We better make this quite fast,

Or you know my dad might ground me for the night,

Betty: Yeah Pearl just a quick wash,

A manucure,

A peticure,

And a foot massage,

Pearl: Oh yes Betty that is quick short,

So what are waiting for?

Let's go!!!

Hairdresser: This hair,

My, my,

It all just seems ro fly,

Betty: A quick rinse,

If you may,

Oh yes and we'll be back,

Next Tuesday!

  • Burst out laughing*

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