This is a DVD collection of all the spin-pff series that are too short for a separate DVD release.

It Contains:

SpongeBob And Co. At The Greatest House In The World!

The SpongeBob Show

Himitsu SpongeBob Goranger

Under The Sea

SpongeBob Acres


Disc 1:

Greatest House In The World:

Moving In

Guess Who Moves In!

SpongeBob & Sandy Forever

The SpongeBob Show

SpongeBob Likes The Krusty Krab

SpongeBob Likes The Chum Bucket

Disc 2:

Himitsu SpongeBob Goranger

The Incredible GoRangers!

The Plan Of Death!

A Yellow Tornado

Smash The BIG Micro Plan!

Under The Sea


Ready, Set Thief!


SpongeBob Acres

Acres Season/Curse Of Bikini Milk

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