The S.P.O.N.G.E.B.O.B channel is a page in which everyone can write their own SpongeBob story.

We Be......

Mr. Krabs: -Hurrry up

SpongeBob: -ok

Squidward: -we are........ we be........... ready to go and ready to wit and seeeeee

--1000000000000 hours later--

Everybody: -can we go home

The Christmas

SpongeBob: -Aaaahhhh, is this not a great morning?...Wait, today is not 25..25 December. It's Christmas!


SpongeBob: (running to the house of Squidward) Squidward, Squidward!

Squidward: -What?!

SpongeBob: -Today is Christmas...

-Squidward closes door--

SpongeBob: -Christmasss...

SpongeBob: -Patrick, Patrick...

Patrick: -Yes!!

SpongeBob: -It is Christmas!

Both: -Yeeeesssss!

SpongeBob: -Lets make a Christmas tree.

--Later at night--

Both: -I wish you a Merry Christmas ,-I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy today...

Town folk: -What are they doing?

SpongeBob: -We're singing because it is Christmas!

Squidward: -Hahahahahaha...let me take a photo of you!

SpongeBob: (extremely happy) -A photo?

Squidward: -No, a punch, aaahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha...

--all town folk go to home--

SpongeBob:(sad) -Squidward, I agree with your idea, but I wanted to give you something.

--SpongeBob gives Squidward a auto clarinet--

SpongeBob: -In this case I will go home...

Squidward:(crying) -What have I done, I have broke a young heart!!

(gallantry)-No, my mission is to Make SpongeBob happy!

SpongeBob: -Patrick, you do not understand, I do not hate Squidward, I just hate that joke....

Patrick: -'Tis cannot be so worset...

???: Ho-ho-ho, SpongeBob, you are a very good boy and I want to give you a present!

(Note:That ??? is actually Squidward)

SpongeBob: -Santa?

Santa (Squidward as Santa) -Yes I am that, I want to give you something,I will come to you...

(Santa comes to SpongeBob and gives him a present, and after that he goes without saying goodbye)

---At midnight, Patrick goes to SpongeBob--

(Patrick knocks the door of SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: I'm coming, I'm coming...Patrick!!

Patrick: Yes, Can I enter?

SpongeBob: Oh sorry, sure.

Patrick: So what did Santa give to you?

SpongeBob:(opens the present)  It's a clock. (SpongeBob and Patrick look at the back of the clock) And Santa wrote on the back:

Dear SpongeBob,

I wanted to excuse me and I hope you will forgive me,

Merry Christmas!!

Patrick: Santa wanted so that you got up at the right time.

SpongeBob:(happy) I know, Merry Christmas!...


SpongeBob: -It is a good day like every of them, (SpongeBob hears a annoying noise) wait a bit,Plankton!

Plankton: -Leave me alone or I will... , Leave this...

SpongeBob: -Why are you so sad?

Plankton: -I want win, win but I could not have it...

SpongeBob: -It is not about winning it is about fun!

Plankton: -What is that?

SpongeBob: -Fun is,Fun is like...surelike... What is fun? Fun is,... fun is... let my spell it for you:

F is for friends who do stuff together
U is for you and me,
N is for anywhere and anytime at all
Down here in the deep blue sea


F is for fire that burns down the whole town,
U is for uranium...bombs!
N is for no survivors,
When you--!!

SpongeBob: Plankton! Those things aren't what fun is all about! Now, do it like this!

F is for friends who do stuff to--

Plankton: Never! That's completely idiotic!

SpongeBob: Here, let me help you!

F is for friends who do stuff together
U is for you and me, Try it!
N is for anywhere and any time at all,
Down here in the deep blue sea

Plankton: Wait...I don't understand this...I feel all tingly inside...should we stop?

SpongeBob: ! That's how you're supposed to feel!

Plankton: Well I like it! LET"S DO IT AGAIN! O K!!!

F is for frolic through all the flowers
U is for ukulele,
N is for nosepicking, sharing gum, and sand-licking
Here with my best buddy
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

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