The SpongeBob SquarePants Show is a Irish-British-American-Japenese show.


A basic chat show with SpongeBob (Emperor2), Squidward (SpongeFan20) and Patrick (Len Vennyson).


#01.Welcome! Airdate:September 24th,2011
The Show starts,while Squidward reads from Patrick's Diary.
#02.Lots of C**t Airdate:September 30th,2011
Squidward sees a stupid movie,While he reads for Pat's Diary
#03.Strike Airdate:November 26th,2011
SpongeBob asks Pat about flying, while Squid reads from Pat's Diary.
#04.Be Twitchy About It Airdate:December 12,2011
Squid asks Pat about his funniest moments & then he reads from his diary

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