This is ten days of new SpongeBob episodes.

Episodes Aired

  • August 20th: "What Patrick Does At Nighttime" and "Screams".
  • August 21st: "Ed, Edd, Eddy N SpongeBob" and "The Krusty Chum Bucket".
  • August 22nd: "The Patrick Patty" and "DogPants"
  • August 23rd: "SpongeBob Meets the Bathtub" and "Two Jobs In One Sponge"
  • August 24th: "Boating Test #40" and "Hall Monitor 2"
  • August 25th: "Gary's Baby" and "Plankton: The Musical"
  • August 26th: "Sponge Vs. Squirrel" and "The Clock is Ticking".
  • August 27th: "The Stupid Duo" and "Clarinet Succses".
  • August 28th: "Battle of the Squids" and "The Broom".
  • August 29th: "SpongeBob and the New Computer" and "Planks a ton!"
  • August 30th: "Barrier Reefs" and "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VII: The Good Enemy"