The Spongetacular SpongeBob Con Marathon is a 10 day marathon that includes new episodes of The New Adventures Of SpongeBob SquarePants.It'll include ten bands preforming.


Day 1


A New Suit

Help Wanted


SNIT and the Power of Goofy Goober


Day 2

Band Geeks

The Card

It's a Dog's Life!

Mysterious Stranger

SNIT VS. Japan

The Ring

The First Episode

Give me a S,N,I,T!

Mysterious Stranger 2:Antied


SpongeBob Meets The Stranger

No Hat For SNIT

Not Normal Again

Anti-SuperSaiyanKirby VS. William

No Chum Hat For Pat

No Hat For Pat


The Clock is Ticking

The Great Coral Reef Blower

SpongeBob X

Even More Of a Bummer Vacation

Day 3

Ed, Edd, Eddy n SpongeBob

To Be Or SNIT To Be

El SpongeBob

Kappa SpongeBob

The Krusty Chum Bucket

The Krusty Kaverns

Patrick VS SNIT

No Hat For Nat

Space Trip!

SpongeBob Vs. The Big One

Reef Blower

The Krusty Squid

Neptune's Party

Super Suspicion!


Day 4

Best Frenemies

Born to be Wild

A New Suit 2:Antied

Chocolate With Nuts


Cop Krabs

Those Naggy Daddys!

PJ Reunion


Inky Pinky

The Secret Life Of Gary The Snail

Day 5

The Mighty Sponge!

The Krusty Pants

Those Naggy Daddys!

A Boat named Dehlia

Krabby Patty Supreme

SNIT and the Power of Goofy Goober

And a Two-Two Brad Mczillionsido!

Quitin' Jack

The count and the scientist

Those Saddy Mommys!

Krusty Krab Fever

Some Lady's a Ms.

The count is quitin'


Meet the meetz

The First Episode

The Two Faces Of Patrick

The Abyss

PatRock Star

The pure hearted,the dumb hearted, and the chaotic hearted

No Hat For Pat

Chum Bucket Supreme

Day 6


Moving In

I Gotta Feeling...

SNIT VS. Japan

Squid Joins In