The Spongey Games is an episode from Season 35, created by SuperFanon'D!. In this episode, SpongeBob hosts an obstacle course. Unfortunately, the prize is the Krabby Patty Formula, and Plankton tries to win!


SpongeBob: What do ya wanna do Patrick?

Patrick: I dunno. Hey, let's ask Squidward what to do!

Squidward: Why don't you jump of a cliff?

SpongeBob: But that's not safe!

Squidward: Welcome to the new sea.

SpongeBob:What's that noise?

Patrick: AAAAAAHHHH! (smash) That was fun!

SpongeBob: That's it! Getting hurt is fun! Let's make an obstacle course! And the prize'll be the Krabby Patty Formula!

(title card: One Obstacle Course Construction Later.....)

SpongeBob: Ladies and gentlefish, welcome to the Spongey Games! The first game..... Jellyfishing! Jump around on these platforms and get the jellyfish, but don't fall or get stung, or you can't play this game anymore!

Mr.Krabs: SpongeBob! How did you get the Krabby Patty Formula to be the prize?!

Plankton: WHAT? I knew I should have joined! Hope I win!

SpongeBob: The prize comes with 5 million dollars, too!

Mr.Krabs: Wow! That's all my savings worth!

SpongeBob: That's because I took it from your safe!

Mr.Krabs: SPONGEBOB!!!!!!

Patrick: Let the Spongey Games... begin!

Plankton: Oof, these nets are heavy... MMMPH!

SpongeBob: And Sandy's got 5 jellyfish already! Oh look, Plankton got one!

Squidward: This is idiotic.

Ms.Puff: This is the exact opposite of idiotic! I have 4!

SpongeBob: And... time's up! Squidward is out for not catching a single one. The next game... The Spongey Race! Race in these AMAZING boats for as many laps as possible in the alloted time. Since I don't know any boating terms, I'm replacing Patrick so someone can announce! Ready? Begin!

Ms.Puff: This is easy! WOW! 2 laps already!

Plankton: Must.. reach... WHEEL!

SpongeBob:WOOAH! (crash)

Plankton: Hey, I'm flying thanks to SpongeBob! I made a lap!

Patrick: Ms.Puff's in the lead with a whoppin' 7 laps, Sandy in 2nd with 5 laps, and Mr.Krabs in 3rd with 4 laps. Things aren't looking with SpongeBob and Plankton.... OH! And time's up!

The rest is TBA, as it is a future episode, and is incomplete.

Trivia And Goofs

  • This episode is the pilot of Season 35.
  • This episode's production code is 526, or S35E1.

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