"So if Plankton's Uncle is causing Mischeif to Bikini Bottom and blaming it on Mr. Krabs, you and Squidward we gotta stop it before the entire city gets angry and starts a mob and starts murdering the Plankton Family!!! Now I'm going to have a Hot Dog before we do it all. Ah..."
—Patrick figuring out about Jebidiah Plankton at the end of Part 1[src]
"The Stranger to Bikini Bottom"
Airdate: February 7, 2021
Guest(s): Uncle Jebidiah - Johnny Depp
Writer(s): Aaron Springer

Paul Tibitt Derek Iversen SpongeTechX JellyfishJam38 Donut4

Storyboard Artist(s): Zeus Cervas

SpongeTechX JellyfishJam38 Donut4

Supervising Producer: JellyfishJam38


Main: Donut4
Animation: Luke Brookshier

Dani Michaeli

Creative: Derek Iversen

Tom King

Technical: Mr. Lawrence
The Stranger to Bikini Bottom is an episode where Plankton's uncle Jebidiah causes nasty things on the Krusty Krab, blames it on Mr. Krabs and tells King Neptune. It is a Two-Part episode. You can see the transcript here.

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