The Stupid Misadventures Of Patrick Star is a brand new spin-off created and directed by William Leonard that first premiered on December 26, 2009 with the episode 'Bathtime'.


Note: The longevity of episodes change over the seasons.

Season 1

All episodes are 5 minutes long. Except the TV Movie, which is 15 minutes long.

1a: Bathtime 12/26/09

Patrick tries to have a bath, which results in a lot of trouble.

1b: Jobs 2/1/10

Patrick gets a job at The Krusty Krab.

2a. Sailing 3/28/10

Patrick tries to sail a ship.

2b. Aeroplane Pilot 3/28/10

Patrick becomes an aeroplane pilot. Uh oh, here comes trouble!

3a. Patrick the Chef 4/1/10

Patrick becomes a chef, but too bad the food never gets to the customers!

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