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The Terrible Travis Movie
Copy of A New Poster (copy)
Written by Rocky Lobster, DanzxvFan8275, Kelpy G
Directed by Kelpy G, JackHackers
Music by Kelpy G, Calaz, The Terrible Travis
Country United States
Genre Biopic, Comedy
Release date November 22, 2017
Rating PG
Language English
Prequel The Terrible Travis
Sequel TBA
Current status In-Production
The Terrible Travis Movie is an upcoming buddy time-travel comedy film. It is based on The Terrible Travis, a popular show of 2016 and called one of the greatest written pieces of all-time despite it's two month run.


In the fall of 2015, a series of disputes between The Terrible Travis and JackHackers led to JackHackers creating the original TTT. The series became hugely popular, to the point where Travis himself applauded the comedy for it being terrible, as the reason for it's hilariousness and changing his Wikia username to "The Terrible Travis". However, rights disputes between JackHackers and the show's crew as well as being a violation of several rules at the time let to the original series being cancelled. It was revived several times, but all have ended in failure.

A movie was discussed as early as the show's conception and on it's first reboot, but was turned down by owners JackHackers and The Imperial Ghost. However, on January 27, 2017, former writer Kelpy G announced that a movie may happen. This was confirmed on the next day. Writing has begun on June 21, 2017. JackHackers gave the OK slip sometime in July 2017, removing all copyright disputes from movie production.

Unlike the series, Travis does not have much of a speaking role in the movie.


SpongeBob and Squidward form an unlikely alliance to stop Travis from joining the wiki on November 11, 2011. The six years of traversing leads to SpongeBob's gang discovering the history of the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki. However, upon completing their goal of stopping Travis...they find changes in both the wiki and the entire universe.


Recurring characters not mentioned.


We're waiting!


Winning featured content just a week into production, it was considered the best film in a long time. It was designated that this movie will be the opening of the 5th Square Logo Awards on August 28, 2017.

Year Award Category Result
2017 Featured Content Best Article Won
DanzxvFan8275 Approved Best Article Won
JackHackers Approved Best Article Won
5th Square Logo Awards Best Movie Pending
5th Square Logo Awards Best Writer Crew Pending


Main article: The Terrible Travis Movie Soundtrack

The soundtrack of the movie will be released on November 30, 2017. It's cover single "Why I Love Clayton" was released on August 25, 2017.



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