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The Terrible Travis Movie
Written by Rocky Lobster, Phillydan25, Kelpy G, Calaz, The Terrible Travis, JackHackers
Directed by Kelpy G, JackHackers
Starring SpongeBob
Music by Kelpy G
Country United States
Genre Biographical Film, Action, Comedy
Release date June 30, 2017
Running time TBA
Rating PG
Language English
Box office {{{box}}}
Prequel The Terrible Travis
Sequel TBA
Current status In-Production
The Terrible Travis Movie is an upcoming biographical comedy-drama film. It is based on The Terrible Travis, a popular show in the year 2016, and called one of the greatest written pieces of all-time despite it's two month run. The film centers around a 15-year-old living in California, who mutates his pet sea sponge, and the plot of SpongeBob SquarePants enters our own universe.


In March 2016, a series of disputes between The Terrible Travis and JackHackers led to JackHackers creating the original TTT. The series became hugely popular, to the point where Travis himself applauded the comedy for it being terrible, as the reason for it's hilariousness. However, rights disputes between JackHackers and the show's crew, as well as being a violation of several rules at the time, was cancelled. It was revived several times, but all have ended in failure.

A movie was discussed as early as the show's conception, and on it's first reboot, but was turned down by owners JackHackers and The Imperial Ghost, respectively. However, on January 27, 2017, former writer Kelpy G announced that a movie may happen. This was confirmed on the next day. Writing has begun on June 21, 2017.


The story begins on Election Night 2017, where mass protests erupt as a result of the election. Travis did not seem as upset as the others, due to his disliking of both frontrunners, so he is rather bored and (censored). He does not wash his hands, but when his favorite show is on, his dumps his (censored) into his aquarium for his pet sea sponge, genetically small octopus, and seastar. After that, strange things begin to happen...


  • Mutated Sea Sponge, protagonist.
  • Travis Pineapple, fictional character, protagonist


Will be posted on release.


Director Kelpy G has stated, "there would be, but I got no (censored) idea for it"



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