Tina SquarePants
Gender Female
Age 18
Color Yellow
Nationality Bikini Bottomite
Hometown Bikini Bottom
Born May 14, 1998
Created 2004
Professional Information
Profession Writing Poetry
Signature Tina SquarePants
Friends and Family
Parents Harold SquarePants (father)

Margaret SquarePants (mother)

Creator Spongefan511
Stepparents Janet Shinding (Stepmother)
Siblings SpongeBob SquarePants

Eric SquarePants SpongeTed SquarePants Maryann SquarePants Mindy SquarePants Sunny SquarePants Gabi SquarePants

Step siblings Eugenio Shinding
Bob Shinding
Mary Shinding
Elizabeth Shinding
Ronald Shinding
Joseph Shinding

Katherine Shinding
Heather Shinding
Samuel Shinding
Walter Shinding
Ashley Shinding
Martin Shinding
David Shinding
Benjamin Shinding
Victor Shinding
Thomas Shinding
Misty Shinding

Grandparents Grandma SquarePants
Grandpa SquarePants
Pop SquarePants
Nanna SquarePants
Mema Shinding
Gramps Shinding
Children None
Spouse(s) Joseph Tanger (Boyfriend) 2014-Present

Patrick Star (Boyfriend) 2009-2014

Pet(s) Claudia (Female Seahorse) 2001-Present
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Spotlight Sponge
Voiced by Sara Paxton

Tina SquarePants is an 18 year old girl that looks a lot like her older brother SpongeBob, but wears a pink bow, a pink dress, and pink boots. She also has a bright blue eyes.

She could get shy, and embarresd at some points. But she is usually the happy go lucky girl.

Patrick has a crush on her.

In an episode of The SpongeBob Show, she admits she loves Patrick.



  • SpongeBob SquarePants - SpongeBob and Tina are really close. SpongeBob is often overprotective of her, which annoys her.
  • Patrick Star - Having a crush on him, she occasionally blushes around him.