Tiny Sponge is the first episode of the spin-off, (The New Adventures In Bikini Bottom!) The Episode aired on 12th September 2009, as the pilot of the series. It was written and directed by William Leonard, also the creator of the spin-off.

Brief Summary: Plankton shrinks Bikini Bottom in a futile attempt to steal the formula.


Gary wants SpongeBob to tell him a story, so SpongeBob tells him the time when SpongeBob got him. Suddenly, Patrick turns up and tells of the time when he met Squidward and Sandy. SpongeBob explains to Patrick that Sandy wasn't around when they were kids. Then, in the flashback, Sandy's treedome disappears, which results in the flashback Patrick crying. Next to turn up is Mr. Krabs, who tells of the time when he got his first dollar. Suddenly, an ominous noise echoes through the very room. It's Plankton ad his Shrink Ray 5000! Plankton immediately shrinks SpongeBob and Patrick and everyone else until they are smaller than him, while Mr. Krabs escapes, but they do not know it until Plankton discusses his next evil plan: shrinking Bikini Bottom to steal the formula. SpongeBob wants to stop Plankton, but Patrick explains that they're tiny. SpongeBob then goes to the now-tiny Sandy and, with the help of her, builds a cloning machine. SpongeBob orders everyone to clone themselves. Soon there is a massive army ready to destroy Plankton. But Plankton shows he's no easy target by stepping on people. SpongeBob gets thrown by the other citizens and slaps the Shrink Ray 5000 out of Plankton's hand, which he uses to shrink Plankton until he's smaller than him. Everyone shouts 'Hooray!', all except Patrick, who tells SpongeBob if they can ever grow back again. SpongeBob ignores him and throws a party. Meanwhile Mr. Krabs is walking out of the Krusty Krab (both normal size) and notices Bikini Bottom is 'gone'. He ends the episode trying to search for his customers.



  • This was originally a test so that William Leonard could test the Pitch Changer on iMovie in his Mum's laptop.


  • While Plankton is saying 'How did what get in here?' his unibrow (sort of) is missing.

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