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The logo used from 2006-present.

Tom's Fast Food (2006-present) is a fast food location seen in SpongeBob Meets The Transformers that is run by Tom. Tom's Fast Food's meals are healthier than most fast food places.


  • They have a play place for kids and is a sister resturant to The Krusty Krab.
  • The food that they serve at Tom's Fast Food is less processed and more naturally cooked than most restaurants.
  • This is the 6th most popular restaurant in Bikini Bottom and has served about 850k customers worldwide and is heading towards 1 million.
  • This restaurant is actually not that old. It started back in 2005 when Tom wanted to be a little more famous, so he started a place called Tom's Fast Food, a simple name that nobody had tooken. He got his place published in March 2006. He didn't want people to be poisoned or get diseases from his fast food, so he just made his burgers, coral bits, and etc. less processed in August 2006.


Official Tom's Fast Food Menu

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