Truth or Square 4

The gang once again get thrown into the freezer on the Krusty Krab's anniversary. The thing that's different is that all the ice is melting and the team have to get out quicker! Sandy also gets locked in. Special Guest Stars include Dwayne Johnson as an animated role: Jomp, the evil sponge.


The Krusty Krab turns "Twelvity-Seven" (127) and everyone celebrates. Sandy comes for a visit and the team get trapped in the freezer again! Now, with melting ice....!


  • This episode includes shocking reveals and plunges to the characters meeting Jomp (i.e. he makes an appearance in Jellyfishing)


  • Mr. Krabs wasn't even born 127 years ago.
  • Programming Error: The Warner Brothers logo appears and so does the DreamWorks logo. However, DreamWorks did work on it.
  • Squidward mentions his great-grandfather, Squidioum, and says he was crowned King of Clarinets. But his name was pronounced wrong.

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