Undercover Larry is an upcoming Season 21 episode.

Main Plot

The episode starts off with Larry surfing. Larry is doing a backflip when SpongeBob comes out of nowhere and says "HI LARRY!" Larry screams and tumbles into the water. SpongeBob countinues to surf for Larry and wins the surfing competition.

It cuts to SpongeBob recieving a gold medal. Larry comes out of the water. SpongeBob says "Oh there you are Larry!" Larry says "I don't wanna talk SpongeBob. I don't wanna talk." Larry walks across Goo Lagoon and Sally and Tina-Fran come along. Sally says "What happened out there?" Larry says "That yellow baffoon." and walks off. Then Larry says "Hey, where's Patrick?" It cuts to Patrick saying "Yeah" in the crowd of cheering SpongeBob fans. Larry says "Oh." Then Larry looks up and says "SpongeBob's gonna pay!"

Later that night, SpongeBob hangs his gold medal over his bed. He tells Gary his is happy he won, but he doesn't even know how to surf. He then goes to sleep. The Flying Dutchman sneaks into SpongeBob's room, and tries to scare him. Dutchman gives up, and goes outside. Larry asks "Did you scare the square pants of that yellow trophy stealer?" Dutchy says " No. Give give me the five dollars ye promised!"

More comming soon!


  • Larry
  • SpongeBob
  • Sandy
  • Patrick
  • Sally
  • Tina-Fran
  • Flying Dutchman
  • Gary (cameo)


Phineas and Ferb- Larry says "Where's Patrick" and SpongeBob says "Oh there you are Larry".


  • First episode with the main character to be Larry.