This is a repost. This is reposted because no one saw the first one. (all because of red flanders)

Yeah, i need writers. I have a slot for 1 more writer. For right now, it's for season 2. I need writers because i need a lot of episodes in Season 2, and i can't write them all. First,  here are some rules.

1. Stick to the rating. This is just a reminder. The series is rated 10+

2. You probably will be writing filler. This might happen because there is a story, and i don't want things to get confusing. There are 2 types of Episodes you can write. The First one is a corrupted character doing something stupid, (ex: Squidward blows his house up.) Or a episode about the main crew. (nothing major of course.) I say you might write filler because sometimes i might let you write a lore episode.

3. Characters. You can use the main cast in like a non-major event. But here are some you can't use.

  • Mr. Krabs
  • Mrs. Puff
  • RedBob
  • MermaidMan and Barnicle Boy
  • Man Ray
  • The Dirty Bubble
  • Pearl
  • The Flying Dutchman
  • Fred
  • and other that i forgot

If you want to be a writer, then just comment. If no one responds....uh.

(if you have any questions about episodes you can write or characters you can put in, just message me on my message wall)

(i hope this was clear for you)

(i hope i had good grammer in this blog)

(if not..i'm sorry)

(oh yeah, season 2 comes out late august-early september)  

please comment