So uh... i have convinced Wikia (oh i'm sorry, "Fandom") here to unblock this account.

If you don't know who this is, I am Calaz. I was a user with over 4,000 edits and was very active and wrote for many spin-offs and contributed to this wiki. I was banned for infanite in August of 2016. I have been given a second chance on this account by wikia today (finnaly). If this was back in 2016, i'd be so exited to be back here. But i have gotten so used to being outside of the wikia fanbase that i actually have a life. I know, Calaz having a life? Wow! It's like a miracle come true! But all funnyness aside, i'm not gonna be active as much as I did before I was blocked. I'd probobly come one and see whats going on with the wiki every day or a couple. Thats also why i'm not gonna pushing for rights and stuff like I used to, I don't really care. I see that Squidnerd (KelpyG) is beuracrat now. I remember the good ol' days when we were users making Plankton Lives With The Raw episodes. (It's been 2 years since that came out. 2 YEARS!!) I remember when i said I would get beuracrat first. Well, now he got it while i'm at my first edit here.

I just wanted to notify you guys and whoever knows me can talk to me and stuff. I won't be very active on here probably, so you can get me on discord or skype witch i can tell you in dm on chat or something. So, "HI!" to the people I know well and "Hello." to the new people i'll probably meet.

- just your good ol' electro man - 9:50 pm July 16, 2017

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