Well, my first two proposals failed because of....some users. (Tyce and Travis, the first and second ones respectively)

What My Goal Is

To adopt ESB's style of reporting users with thorough community discussion

Why I Want To Do This?

As a measure against corruption. Invalid blocks have an indirect correlation to corruption and bribery.


  • All non-vandalism/non-spam blocks are to be reported via community discussion.
  • The user, if he/she/they feel like it, can write up a defense. He/She/They will be blocked during the course of the report, and it can only be undone if the community says no to blocking.
  • The report form should be filled out via blog, and be posted on the main page/wiki activity of the site.
  • Both a 70% consensus with the general community and 75% admin approval must be reached.

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