SRA2 has been restarted again, and isn't going to come out any time soon, so in the meantime, would you guys want to see a remake/remaster of the original game, made back in 2013? It would of course have better graphics, a higher resolution, and be a better version of the game overall, but still roughly the same game. I figure it would only take a few months to finish, and I could possibly use it as a base for finally making SRA2.

I don't know, what do you guys think?

Spr player sb idle 0
Spr player pl idle 0

Edit: To get a good idea of what "better graphics" would probably entail, here's what the updated SpongeBob and Plankton sprites look like right now.

Edit 2: Here's what the remade Bikini Bottom music sounds like:


Edit 3: For comparison, here's what that song sounded like in the original SRA:


.Edit 4: It's happening!

A compelete remake of SpongeBob's Robotic Adventure with redone graphics, sounds, music and levels will release for Windows sometime in 2018. I'll release more details in an official, more proper announcement once the game is past a significant development stage.

I won't start working on SRA2 until the remake is released, however, but I'll already have all the polish and framework from SRA1 to work on top of. This does mean the two games will play pretty similarly, but I think that's for the better for both to be great games.

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