As you may or may not know, I cannot write any episodes until (and this is just an estimation) sometime in July. But, that won't stop me from brainstorming!

SBFW Weekly, my new magazine-type show, will premiere its first five-episode season very soon, each episode only a week apart!

In it, I would like each season to have its own competition, provided enough people show up.

Season 1's competition shall be called the 'SHORTAFON'!

Basically, contestants will be given a theme, a word, a sentence, brief plot idea, etc. and will have to write a short of any length based upon it. Everyone will then vote on their favourites, and the contestant with the least amount of votes will be eliminated. This goes on until we have one winner, and their will be categorical awards too. First place prize is yet to be revealed. Oh, I should mention that anyone that misses a deadline shall be automatically eliminated too.

To sign up, just fill out this form in the comments.

USERNAME: ExampleBot876

CREDITS: New Welp City, Dances on Dragins

CHARACTER (a SpongeBob character that will represent you in-game): Mr. Krabs


Preferably you would require a Discord account to direct message me the script, though you can email me if you'd rather (I'll send this to you if you ask) or you could use my message wall, but that would kinda leak your scripts early. A Discord account is not something you need, just something of ease.

I hope I haven't wasted my time typing this, and I hope to see you all on episode one, where I interview Vanessa, Jasbre and SeemsGood.

P.S. If anyone else wants to be interviewed for the other episodes, please contact me.