I'm making this proposal to request that Gavin and RadioGuy be promoted to admins.

Why should we do this? Gavin has been a content moderator since June 2016 and is a former crat, and RadioGuy has been a content mod since October 2016 and has been here since July 2014. Both of them have been moderators for long enough in my opinion.

Additionally, SBFW only has 4 admins, 2 of which (Ponyo and Squidnerd) are only semi-active and don't edit regularly. 

Finally, RadioGuy could have stopped TheInfection5's spree of vandalism if he was an admin by now.

This isn't actually the only part of the proposal. I'm also proposing Justin Trudeau be demoted since his main account (Squidnerd) was and Kelpy has said he cannot access it anymore. If both RadioGuy and Gavin don't want to be promoted this proposal becomes just a demotion for Trudeau.