What is your username?: Rick Sanhez

How many edits do you have?: 2,573. 5,676 from my Alan ~ Tyce account.

How active are you?: I edit about everyday. Overall activity fluctuates.

How long have you been on this wiki?: Joined February 14, 2016 as Alan ~ Tyce.

Do you hold a position?: Rollback, former content moderator. I also hold bcrat rights on 11 wikis, Admin on 2 more, and former bcrat on 3 wikis.

Why do you want to apply?: RadioGuy is the only decently active admin. SBCA is on break, Ponyo is semi-active at best, Squidnerd hasn't edited in two weeks and Travis is globalled. I feel like I'm qualified to take up the position.

What about other users?: If you feel like someone else deserved to be promoted, tell them or make your own request if it's yourself.

What will you do as admin?: Update the staff page (it looks like trash and is horrible outdated), select article and spin-offs of the month, block vandals and enforce wiki policy.

What about you deleting articles that didn't need to be deleted as a content moderator?: I retired from content moderator a long time ago and I'm going to be a lot more careful about what I delete. If you feel I mess up and delete something that shouldn't be deleted, message me and we can discuss it.

What about you getting several users globalled? I haven't been as trigger-happy since my global block ended and I'm well aware people make mistakes that could get them globalled without knowing. I've reserved my usage of contacting Fandom Staff about those issues for users that are causing trouble on multiple wikis, users only around to be rude and underage users.