Let me start this off by saying why I have left so many times. It was the politics, the fact that there is hardly anything to do with SpongeBob on here anymore, and the fact that I recently got promoted to Chat Moderator and Assistant on ESB. I used to enjoy this wiki back when I joined early October 2016 to November 2016, the wiki was fun and actually about SpongeBob, but in December 2016, something changed, for some reason the wiki started to just be about politics, which was really annoying for users like me who actually joined for the SpongeBob fan fiction. So I propose that we ban poltics unless it has to do with SpongeBob fan fiction, like idk, something about SpongeBob becoming president. Any users who bring up politics will be warned, if they do it more than 3 times then they will be blocked for a week. Also anyone who claims to be someone who has something to do with politics, will be blocked for impersonation unless they change their username or make a new account.

Either vote support, neutral, or oppose in the comments. Well, that took longer to type then I expected.