Good people of the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki.

This wiki has been ravaged by Travis, with his childish behaviour and his betrayal of the community-consensus establishment. Doctor Bugs has to go a long way to re-enter the ranks, but I've been qualified for months. I've had previous experience, though I resigned due to inactivity. But now I'm active again, and I'm ready to make SpongeBob Fanon Wiki like never before.


  • Been active for more than two years
  • Counting all of my accounts, made more than 6,000 edits
  • Held administrator right for almost an year, with two minor breaks
  • Held previous bureaucratic experience

Things I Will Do Within 90 Days In Office

(I may propose more, this is just on my checklist.)

  • Make Elections For the Head of the Administration - If two bureaucrats conflict with each other, we're screwed. This is why I'm proposing the creation of "Head of the Administration" title to moderate what goes on with our admins. However, other then moderation, the HoA has almost no difference from the other admins in power. The election will run every three months, but a by-election will take place anytime one gets impeached (more info on the actual proposal).
  • Re-launch the YouTube channel, and maybe an Instagram too - Some trash should be recycled.


Voting will finish on April 26, 2017. It needs a 60% majority to pass. Please vote Support or Oppose.

Thank you for reading.