Okay, I don't know where to start. One whole day and more drama has occurred than all of last months. This is a cultimation of many proposals, including mine and Jasbre's promotion requests, polarkey commenting on the messed-up state of the wiki, and taking out the no-censorship rule, but the heart of the struggle lies within Jasbre's Demotion Request for The Terrible Travis.

I've been a rival of Travis for years. We have a long history of partnership, seperation, and arguements. Just last week, we bickered over the fate of Leader Plankton!. But now, I don't care. I'm fourteen yet I was acting like I was four. This blog isn't about me shaming myself, but one to ensure the survival of this wiki.

The current bureaucrats are Ponyo Fan, SBCA, and The Terrible Travis. Ponyo Fan is flat-out inactive. SBCA is getting inactive, pretty much on the verge of it. With Travis, however, he is a daily contributor to the wiki. If Jasbre's demotion request succeeds, we will have no bureaucratic contact for weeks. I'm proposing to become bureaucrat in response, but due to the mass opposition, it's only a matter of time before we return to the Era of Inactive Bureaucrats.

ChocolateBrownieBoy is also flat-out inactive, and as for Doctor Bugs, he has never seen the wiki for almost two years. What makes us think that we want to promote him to our highest posistion right away? It's nonsensical. It's nonsensical to get rid of a daily contributor and replace him with some dude who's never even typed the URL for years. This grave injustice is the doom of the wiki. If Travis' demotion passes, my promotion fails, and SBCA doesn't start becoming more active, we may need to re-adopt it again. Now, I clearly remember the last time we adopted the wiki, and it was huge.

Travis is a weird guy, but in the end, he's been one of my best friends on the wiki. And that means, I am not going to let this crazy crap be the reason for his demise. If you still don't believe in him, I'm begging you to Support on my bureaucratic promotion request.

In conclusion, Travis is quite the predictor. He predicted that he will be the victor in the LP! debate, as well as some off-wiki political debate on immigration. And now, he predicts that the request will fail. Just twenty-four hours ago, I predicted that it will pass by a large margin, but now, I want to be wrong. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. Because if I'm wrong, this wiki will make it through this year.

Vote Oppose on Travis' Demotion Request. Vote Oppose on Jasbre's Admin Request. Vote Support on My Bureaucratic Request.