Honestly, I try to deal with this for awhile, but lately I can't anymore, we have to demote The Terrible Travis, his latest actions have been very anti-community consensus, and also cause this wiki to go from fun SpongeBob spinoff fan time, to trash with political accounts, swearing, and wars, and a childish crat who has to much time on it's hands acting like the worst Donald Trump! It's time to end this, and bring on a better crat like Doctor Bugs (yes, I am in contact with the guy), SBCA or even, ChocobrownieBoi. So let's all stop the feud, and bring down Travis' "rules" and block all his sock accounts and put a better crat in!

32 Votes (25 Counting)

Symbol support vote.svg Support - 18 People

180px-Symbol neutral vote.svg Neutral - 7 People (Not counting)

Symbol oppose vote (1) Oppose - 8 People

PREDICTED OUTCOME: 72% Support, Travis is ordered to leave the bureaucracy and administration tomorrow.

- TheJasbre202

Also, I'm getting Doctor Bugs back on the wiki ;)