GGreetings, damn fools and blasted buffoons. Some people have said that our rules here are too lax, that we don't have enough restrictions. Well, I'll tell you right now: Those people are idiots. The truth is that are our rules aren't lax enough, that we have TOO MUCH restrictions. Yep, I said it. And if you assholes don't like it, well then you can go fuck yourselves. Or you could just vote Oppose on this proposal. The primary function of this proposal is to eliminate certain parts of the Ratings Guidelines that are unnessicarily restrictive and don't hold a reasonable purpose.

Parts Of Ratings Guidelines That This Proposal Will Eliminate

  • Strong language (ex. f***) must be partially censored with no more then two letters visible - This portion of the Ratings Guidelines is fundamentally pointless and doesn't really make sense. There's no reason to censor the word - people can still tell what it is and it just looks stupid. Kinda like Tyce. This proposal will automatically give all users the right to use the full word as much as they like.
  • Sexual references which use obscene language, go on too long, or go into graphic detail involving any sex act you'd have to look up on Urban Dictionary are forbidden - Preventing PG-13 works from using the word "cum" is absolutely ridiculous when pretty much every teenager is familiar with this word and knows what it means. There also shouldn't be any limits to how long references can last - as long as they don't get too graphic, the length shouldn't matter. The section of this sentence that's crossed out will remain in the rules.
  • Nudity is allowed, but in a sexual context must be brief and discreet - Nudity should be allowed to be displayed in a sexual context without any limits on length (not talking about dick size you perverted jackasses) provided that the description doesn't include any detail on the characters' genitals.

Please state whether you support, oppose, or are neutral towards this proposal in the comments. Votes will be tallied and the result will be decided on August 20th.

This is a creator-driven site. There's no reason for us to be controlling what other users decide to do with their own spin-offs. (talk) 07:41, August 13, 2016 (UTC)

Note: Oh, and I know what you guys be thinking: "Hey Travis, you piece of shit asshole who deserves in rot in Hell! If you're so against censorship, why the hell did you censor the damn title? That makes no sense, mate!". Well, the answer is quite simple actually. As much as I would like to use the actual word, currently it's against the rules. That's why I'm making this proposal. Because that's a damn bullshit rule.

Update: Welp, it's August 20th. The proposal passed. Now I can officially change the title to make it use the full word. HAHA, TAKE THAT PONYO!