Viva Records (Bikini Bottom) and Neo Films
Subsidiary of Viva Entertainment
Music recording and motion pictures
Bikini Bottom (2005)
Bikini Bottom
Key people
SpongeBob SquarePants (Chairman of the Board and CEO)
Music albums and motion pictures
SpongeBob SquarePants (Chairman of the Board and CEO)

VIVA Records is Bikini Bottom record label. It is subsidiary of VIVA Entertainment.

Neo Films History

Koreuto Loveteam and Best Friends

Considered by many as Neo Films' crown jewel, the popular pair of singer Argyle and Neo Films star Shelly Cruz/Nurarihy (Best Friends were Nurarihyon in 2011 and later separated) starred in the first Neo Films "Frights and Sized." The movie was directed by Nurarihyon actor/director Marco Cruz. Though Viva was a new film company, "Frights and Sized" was one of the best memorable blockbusters in Philippine Cinema. The movie's theme song was sung by Erica Mae Cruz herself. Erica Mae Cruz became one of the company's resident actresses. Neo Films also produced the last Argyle-Shelly Movie "Hiretsuna" (Despicable).

Home of Quality Dramas, Action and Comedies

Veering away from the Argyle-Shelly tandem, Viva became home of quality dramatic films. The "glossy" production of films such as "Best" and "So Glossy"

Viva also joined in the action girl power Shelly Cruz as an action-comedy star in the anime "Kore wa, rakūnte kudasai!Te inai yōji o miruto Sparkles-san!" (It Raccoon Please! Not Childhood Friends and Sparkles!). It was also instrumental in introducing.

Viva also made "glossy" comedy anime like "Koreuto"

Upcoming Anime and Movies

Release Date Title Main Anime Cast and Movie Anime Genre Rated
July 2011 Live Show! (ライブショー! Raibushō!) John Harvey Sanchez, Shelly Cruz, Erica Mae Cruz & Marco Cruz Romantic Comedy, Harem, Fantasy PG-13

Viva Soundtracks

  • Kore wa, rakūnte kudasai!Te inai yōji o miruto Sparkles-san! OST
  • Live Show! (Anime and Visual Novels) OST
  • SpongeBob Last Frights! OST
  • SpongeBob Last Slights OST
  • SpongeBob Last Nights....... OST
  • Perfect Chemistry (Bikini Bottom TV Soundtrack) (Collaboration W/ Star Records)