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Waluigi is a character who appears in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie series. Due to a licensing deal between Nintendo and Viacom, Wario and Waluigi were allowed to be included in the film series; however, most other Mario characters were off-limits.


Waluigi first appears in the opening sequence of Battle of the Fireworks!, where Waluigi tells the viewer that the film is his favorite animated epic. Wario disagrees, prompting Waluigi to say his catchphrase and breakdance. Waluigi vomits out the VHS tape for the film, and sticks it in his VCR, starting the movie.

In The Cloonbob Saga, George Clooney arrives at Waluigi's home in Detroit, instigating a fight between the two. Two jehovahs witnesses merge and form the missing piece of Voltron, causing Waluigi to stop in shock. He notifies Wario, stating that "The goob is scoob", before being burned by Cloonbob. Wario and Batman show up almost immediately and defeat Cloonbob.

In The Great Regime, Waluigi has recovered from his first-degree burns and joins Wario and Batman on their quest to stop Joel Schumacher. He assists with the rescue of SpongeBob from the factory, and then splits up to help Superman.

In The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie XVI: Nuclear War of the Ages (Part 2), he is seen at the end putting the movie VHS back on the shelf.

Waluigi is a recurring character on the prequel series The Squog Show, where he and Wario prepare for the incoming war. Despite making frequent appearances, he never interacts with the titular character.