This is the fourth Warriors of Bikini Bottom DVD. It is rated '15' in the UK for strong bloody fantasy violence. In the US, it is unrated, but has an advisory some material may be unsuitable for young children.


UK ratings listed.

Episode #41: Behold! War Rises!: Rated 12 for some violence and infrequent sight of blood.

Episode #42: Behold! The Final Act!: Rated 12 for one bloody moment, moderate violence, and horror.

Episode #43: Behold! Patrick the Reaper!: Rated 12 for some frightening images and violence.

Episode #44: Behold! Assassin vs. Reaper!: Rated PG for mild violence and weapon use.

Episode #45: Behold! Patrick's Last Words!: Rated PG for mild violence and mild language.

Episode #46: Behold! Kenshin! Kenshin! Kenshin!: Rated PG for mild violence.

Episode #47: Behold! Monsters of the Mind!: Rated 12 for drug use and frightening images.

Episode #48: Behold! Tribe Rivalry!: Rated 12 for some suggestive humor, violence, and mild language.

Episode #49: Behold! Wrath of the Fire Warriors!: Rated 15 for strong bloody fantasy violence.

Episode #50: Behold! Crouching Sponge, Hidden Starfish!: Rated 12 for weapon use and some violence.

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