This is the eighth Warriors of Bikini Bottom DVD. It is rated 15 for prolonged scenes of sustained intense threat, strong bloody fantasy violence, and bleeped very strong language. In the US, it is unrated, but has an advisory that some material may be unsuitable for young children.


  • Behold! Swiss City Falls! - Rated 15 for strong bloody fantasy violence and bleeped very strong language.
  • Behold! The Locket! - Rated PG for some mild thematic elements and infrequent moderate fantasy violence.
  • Behold! Night, Night, Night, Night... - Rated 12 for moderate fantasy horror, gore and a scene of comic nudity.
  • Behold! The Inner Warrior! - Rated PG for mild language, violent scenes, and brief sight of blood.
  • Behold! ShadowSlayers! - Rated 12 for moderate scary scenes and language.
  • Behold! Shadowslayers vs Swiss City! - Rated 12 for strong fantasy combat and frequent moderate threat.
  • Behold! Monsters Unite! - Rated 15 for prolonged scenes of sustained intense threat.
  • Behold! Yet Another Sensei! - Rated 12 for one disturbing scene and moderate sex references.
  • Behold! Into the Void! - Rated 12 for moderate horror and bloody fantasy violence.
  • Behold! Mrs Puff's Fighting School! - Rated PG for mild frightening scenes, fantasy violence, and language.

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