Welcome to Sea Paradise!: The Complete Second Season is a fanon DVD with episodes from Welcome to Sea Paradise!

Welcome to Sea Paradise!: The Complete Second Season
Season 2
Writers Various
Directors Various
Cast Various
Audio English

Disc 1

Cuddle Trouble*

Gary, Gone Again!

Andy's Own Episode!*


Can You Give Me Another Hint?*

Rock, Paper, Star!

Andy Or Darkness

Trial By Music*

The Return Of Landon

SuperSaiyanKirby's Form of Evil!(EVIL!)

Nacho Madness

Wooden Spells

Disc 2

Time For Bed*

The Icy Adventure

Krabs One Leg

Welcome, Mr Fancyson*

Well It's The Right Thing To Do

The Krusty Mess

Old Man Jenkins: The Documentary. (Triple Buds 1)

One Two Three: The Great Team (Triple Buds 2)

Larry Lagoon (Triple Buds 3)

Oh My Karen*

Pat No Give*

C A B*

[*] = Optional Commentary by Crew (Note: The commentary for Andy's Own Episode is solely provided by MattoMogwai.)

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