Patrick's coach died mysteriously and Patrick is excited!


When the President of the Blandy Franchising Company (Howard Blandy) wants Patrick's coach to be nice and coach was never nice since he was born. If he's mean one more time, he will die. The test started when the coach must throws dodgeballs to the opponent, but he throws it violently; which made children hurt and cry. Then coach will be decapitated by the guillotine when the hunchback releases the rope. Then Patrick is very excited and the coach's soul will be in "The Place for Mean Coaches' Soul"


  • 2nd appearance of Howard Blandy, The 1st was Selling Out
  • 2nd appearance of The Hunchback, The 1st was Dunces and Dragons
  • 2nd appearance of Patrick's coach, The 1st was Sing a Song of Patrick
  • 2nd episode with the title "What Ever Happened to", 1st was What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? (WhoBob WhatPants?)
  • 2nd episode to be 2 minutes, 1st was Reef Blower
  • SpongeBob isn't in this episode(believe it or not)!
  • Patrick's Coach's decapitation is off-screen.
  • This episode is similar to Mrs. Puff, You're Fired.

Episode Info


  • Patrick's old school
  • Bikini Bottom Graveyard


Season: 7

Airdate: August 29, 2009

TV Rating: WX2

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