Who Needs Retirment is a song sung by Mr Krabs when he realises he wants to go back to work.



Mr Krabs: Whe needs retirment,

The Krusty Krab is where I belong!

I don't need these comfy beds,

And why I'm randomley breaking out into song!

So listen up my friends!

Don't need no fancy rooms,

Cause the Krusty Krab is my tomb!


Don't be alarmed!

I aint dying soon!

I'll die on the day of a full Mooonnn!

I miss the Krusty Krab!


And Squidward tooooo!

Oh Krusty Krab!,

I miss yooouuu!

I miss you're smell,

You're heat,

You're skin!

Retirement is but a SIN!

I just want the Krusty Krab!

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