Gender Male
Birth 26 April 1985
Death Not yet


  • SpongeBob
  • Patrick
  • Mr. Krabs
  • Army men
  • Army Captains
  • Other army generals
  • Army Boss
  • British friends (formaly)


Early Life

"You were born right in the twenty-forth ward at the Britain-Sea Hospital, you know..."
—Ella's lie to William

William was born in the Bikini Bottom Hospital. His parents, Ella and John treated him with respect and kindness. However when he was one he went to nursery, he was bullied terribly and was forced to move for six years to the Britain sea. William after that had many friends at their nursery and preschool.

School Life

Britain-Sea School

"I had the best time of my life there you know, I had many friends who treated me like equals and even the detention was fun! I mean, we only coloured in pictures for detention..."
—William on his school

William spent nearly half of his school life at the Britain-Sea school. His life there was described as fun and social. However he did get in trouble a few times for talking and passing notes to his friends in class, the teachers treated him with kindness and he only recieved detentions that he had to colour in pictures. William and his friends had a secret hidey hole that they would held meetings at.

Bikini Bottom middle school

"They tried to cook us and smash us. The kids at the school weigh about 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 kilos and more, and the principal is a vampire!"

However, the council of Bikini Bottom had relised that he was born there so he and his parents were forced to leave there happy life and go on to a town of darkness, pain and loss. The students at the school bullied him, threw rocks at him and called him "British freak". The teachers dealt with punishments by getting a jack hammer and smashing the students and saying "Norty boy, read the code of conduct and I will let you out". However there wasn't a Code of Conduct so this was just torture for the students to try to find it. Food served at the cafeteria was Fifi's cabbages served with poo, with a slice of human brains, topped off with blood that they had collected from smashing the students.

Bikini Bottom's Amry Collage

"I wasn't bad, that school you know, far from being as bad as my old school but I really wish that it meet the standards of my first school."

After graduating from Bikini Bottom middle school, William attended Bikini Bottom's Amry Collage in hope that he would become a general. It was not as bad as his old school however it never meet the standards of his first school. He met a couple of people who was friendly but were digusted on how William asked them "Will you be my friend?" William travelled quickly through the grades and eventually, the highest rank officer, gave him the choice of becoming a general. Pleased with his sucess, William graduated the school only two years after he first went there.

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