This is a show showing how Squidward was magical to defeat evil wizards as a kid.

You can write for this, too!

Wiz Squid

Squidward duels with Clammort.

Episode 1 A


Squidward deals with the Clam Eaters and the Wizard of Finns.

Episode 1 B


  • This will be on the "Magic, but bad" DVD.
  • Clammort does not appear in this episode, though his henchmen do.


Squidward tries to make a wish for Lou Lou, but gets chased by Clammort.


  • Clammort mentions the plot of the first episode, the 8th episode and the theater movie.
  • Squidward breaks the fourth wall, too and tells the plot for a crossover. (The Crossover is only an idea) note: anything I write here is not going to happen!)

The Nightmare Before Squid Day

Squidward gets a birthday party, but Clammort and citizens of

Star town attack.


PLOT: Squidward sells Clammort a shoe. But Clammort uses it for evil.

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