"Zam-Phoney TM"
Airdate: July 14, 2014
Writer(s): Mractivity



Characters Present

  1. Joe
  2. John
  3. Billy So Silly Boe
  4. Gordan
  5. Gresman
  6. Jordan
  7. Aloperto
  8. Hestroneiger
  • Zambonie Driver
  • Referee
  • Customers
  1. Nat Peterson
  2. Suzie Fish
  3. Nemo and Dory

Time Cards

There are no known time cards for this episode.

ATM Music Identication

  • Lineman - Title Card


Squidward hires a hockey team called the 'Krabby Patties' and advertises the Krusty Krab to be as great as the team.


  • Nemo and Dory from 'Finding Nemo' is in this episode, but in cartoon form.
  • In the title card, in the advertisements, there are parodies like:
  1. Subbay - Subway
  2. Flowe's - Lowe's
  3. Whisney Ch. - Disney Ch.
  4. Sea-Mail - E-Mail
  5. Everybody Hate Squids - Everybody Hates Chris
  6. Clamerican Idol - American Idol
  7. The Fairly CodParents - The Fairly OddParents

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